UK and EU Trade Strategies: Two Different Answers to Global Challenges

How to strategize — comparing apples with pears.

Self-confidence vs. institution-building?

  • WTO Reform aims at giving a rules-based global trading order a new lease of life. This is meant to act as a stabilizing force in an increasingly unstable global economic order. The aim is also to use the EU’s current relatively high influence in the world to implement rules that remain influential even when the EU’s relative bargaining power in international relations is decreasing.
  • Twin Transition: Von der Leyen’s Commission takes climate neutrality and a digital makeover of European industry seriously. In the next Multiannual Financial Framework and the Recovery Plan of the EU, a large share of the funds are dedicated to these activities. Trade policy is supporting this transition through multilateral initiatives and a corresponding bilateral agenda.

Which geography is more relevant as a growth region in trade terms?

Which strategy is the better one?




Our mission on this blog is to shed light on Europe’s role in the world economy.

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Global & European Dynamics

Global & European Dynamics

Our mission on this blog is to shed light on Europe’s role in the world economy.

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