GED Under the Radar — July Edition

This month under the radar: Venezuela’s desperate fight against inflation, Burgernomics and the rising prices of European breakfasts!

Every month there are some economic stories that fall through the cracks. In this segment, the GED Team will present to you those economic stories, which we found most interesting each month but felt received less popular media attention than they actually deserved. These stories can come from all over the world. They can be relevant and important for the global economic system as a whole or just affect a select group of few, they can be serious or they can be humorous. In any case they will be interesting. This is “GED Under the Radar”!

  • Burgernomics — A Look at the Newest Findings From the Big Mac Index!
  • Rising Breakfast Prices in Europe and the UK — One Phenomenom, Two Causes!

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