13 Major Events in 2022 That Could Change Europe’s Economy in the World

January: As the RCEP, a mega-regional trade deal in the Asia-Pacific, enters into force, we renew our wake-up call

February: Olympic Winter Games — Zero-Covid policy is not Beijing’s sole problem

March: The French EU presidency and the European spring Council meeting — strong impetus or lame-duck?

April: French presidential election — will Macron stay in office?

May (or spring): Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act on the home stretch

June: G7 summit as the starting point of a global climate club? Yes, please!!

July-September: Another summer of climate change?!

October I: 20th National Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party — Will Xi become the unrestricted ruler of China?

October II: G20 Summit in Indonesia — Bolder at Bali?

October III: 25thWorld Energy Congress in St. Petersburg — Winners and losers of the energy transition?

November: COP27 as a booster for global climate protection?

November II: U.S. midterm elections: Can Biden defy history?

December: The FIFA World Cup — A tightrope act for Europe

A critical year for Europe



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