12 Major Events in 2021 That Could Change the World Economy

12 Major events in 2021

1) January 20: President-elect Biden takes office

2) February: the WTO will have a new Director-General — or not

3) March: The Last Stage of Brexit: European Parliament votes on Trade and Cooperation Agreement

4) March: Launch of China’s 14th Five-Year-Plan (2021–2025) and Long-range Objectives through 2035 at the National People’s Congress

5) July 23: 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

6) July/August: Olympic Games in Tokyo — or not

7) August 17: Microsoft pulls the plug on the Internet Explorer

8) September: Covid is still not over, and the economic fallout is starting to become visible

9) September 26: Germany votes for a new Chancellor

10) October 22: Japan general election

11) October 30/31st: G20 Summit in Italy

12) November 12: COP26 in Glasgow



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